Lester Cheung Senior Manager Engineering, CompoundTek

CompoundTek was looking for help in characterising its devices and turned to world-leading experts in silicon photonics – CORNERSTONE – to carry out the vital work.

Why did you get in contact with CORNERSTONE?

Singapore-based CompoundTek combines world-class commercial foundry with leading silicon photonics (SiPh) research institutes to provide cutting-edge SiPh technologies that enhance foundry services capabilities. The company was founded and is supported by industry veterans and technologists and brings to the marketplace revolutionary semiconductor applications designed to meet critical requirements in high bandwidth and high data transfer solutions particularly in emerging connectivity driving Industry 4.0. 

We needed some work done on device characterisation so we approached CORNERSTONE to see if they could help.  We were looking for people experienced with device characterisation and were familiar with the work of Professor Graham Reed and Dr Callum Littlejohns and were impressed by the people at CORNERSTONE. 

How did CORNERSTONE help you with your requirements?

We had some devices that needed characterisation done and CORNERSTONE was able to do it in a timely fashion and accurately. Working with CORNERSTONE helped us with some device evaluation on devices we were developing at that time and we went on to make improvements to the device.

How will the work with CORNERSTONE help you in the future?

CompoundTek is a silicon photonics foundry service provider with design-wins from 19 commercial customers – seven of which have more than $1billion in revenue – and more than 19 research institutes or universities. We specialise in volume production of silicon photonics designs. 

We believe that we can continue to strengthen our collaboration with CORNERSTONE in the future by referring customers that are interested in research and development work and require CORNERSTONE’ expertise in next generation or new specialised silicon photonics devices research and development. 

It is definitely a two-way partnership, as we will also be happy to take on customers who have already engaged CORNERSTONE’s research and development expertise and are now ready to move to high volume production.