Professor Frederic Y. Gardes

Frederic Gardes is a senior lecturer at the ORC and he heads research on group IV material epitaxy and hetero-integration for photonic and electronic devices and systems. Fred’s previous research covers Si photonics and in particular high-speed active optical devices in Si and Ge. In 2005 he initiated work on Si optical depletion modulators and was the first to predict operation above 40GHz. In 2011 FYG and his collaborators demonstrated optical modulation in Si of up 50 Gb/s and a 40Gb/s modulator. Dr Gardes’ recent work focuses on tuneable crystalline SiGe on insulator for photonic and electronic devices and includes the first ever demonstration of multiple crystalline SiGe on insulator wire of different concentration on a single chip using a single deposition process. He is a member of several international conference programme committee, he is a project expert reviewer for the EC, and has authored more than 130 publications, 5 book chapters and 6 patents.

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