updated 1:14 PM UTC, Jun 29, 2022

The IPKISS Integrated Photonics Design Platform

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) designers need full control of their design framework to make sure that what they fabricate matches exactly how they designed it. In addition, they need to be able to re-use and distribute their design work in a hierarchical framework that saves time and improves reliability.

  • Validated over > 500 designs.
  • A worldwide design community counting several Fortune-500 players

Learn more about the IPKISS design platform: www.lucedaphotonics.com/en

Move the edges in PIC PDK Building

Avoid the hassle of having to combine PDKs from different vendors.  Circuit level design and simulation, layout and device CAD are enabled from one single quality-controlled PDK.

Luceda has a dedicated team focused entirely on releasing and supporting PDKs.

  • Python based PDKs: Full flexibility to optimize layout and yield.
  • Smart Physical Simulation models seamlessly link Layout, Physical simulation and Circuit simulation: Physical simulation strategy part of the parameterized PDK model.
  • OpenAccess and iPDK standards
  • Deploy your PDKs to different EDA vendors
  • Quality assurance tools will give you a master view over the PDK development: Regression testing and sign off at version updates.

Learn more about the CORNERSTONE PDK: www.lucedaphotonics.com/en/pdk-and-fab-support#CORNERSTONE

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