EUROPRACTICE and CORNERSTONE have launched a design contest for first time users of our technology!  The winner will receive a free prototype fabrication (excluding packaging) of one standard block size design on your choice of our technology platform in 2022.

  • Si-Photonics 220nm SOI passives
  • Si-Photonics 340nm SOI passives
  • Si-Photonics 500nm SOI passives
  • SiN-Photonics
  • Suspended-Si

Who can apply?

Start-up, SMEs, and researchers from academic or research institutes that have never prototyped with their choice of technology platform at CORNESTONE before.

Want to apply?

 To apply you will need to go to the EUROPRACTICE website

Download and fill in this short Note of Interest application template, and submit it via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Multiple applications can be submitted, but a maximum of one design per organisation can be approved.

Good luck!


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